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How To Play Guide For Steep
How To Play Guide For Steep
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Welcome to both Steep, and the Steep Wiki!

Greetings! Welcome to the icy and chilly land of Steep! Sit back, hit those Drop Zones and Challenges with ease with a little help from the How To Play Guide For Steep; your guide to the basics on everything Steep related!

Play Styles; The backbone of each of Steep's conquests[]

In Steep, every Mountain is your playground. If you want to reach the most remote mountain locations and carve a unique and unforgettable line, there's 6 distinct Play Styles that can accommodate your style of play. You don't really have to work for a certain style to get points, as they'll come naturally to whatever style you tend to gravitate towards, but below is a few handy hints to see what kind of play style you were born to play.

Icon Square Freestyler.png
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Freestyler Pro Rider Bone Collector Extreme Rider Explorer Freerider
Mini Freestyler.png
Freestyler If you have amazing aerial skills and a carefully smooth technique, then this Playstyle is most likely for you. As a Freestyler, you strive to perform the coolest Tricks with style. Earn reputation by going big, being creative, and crushing freestyle challenges. Unlock new competitions and exotic gear as you progress towards becoming the ultimate Freestyler. Throughout the game your score is evaluated based on the risks you take and the way to traverse the world. Snowboarding and Skiing add a third scoring element: style. To earn yellow style points, you’ll need to flip, twist, spin, and grab your way through the air. Find the terrain that gives you the most air-time and carve a line that shoots you into the sky. Just be sure to stick the landing or you risk cancelling your style score.
Mini Pro Rider.png
The Pro Rider style, meanwhile, focuses purely on racing, rewarding those who embrace speed and consistently surge to the front of the pack. Earning the best scores in timed and competitive challenges builds your Pro Rider score, gradually identifying you to other players as a formidable racer. A successful Pro Rider isn't focused solely on speed, either. With so many trees, boulders, buildings, and other environmental features dotting the Alps, being able to weave precisely through obstacles is the key to finishing first. The challenges you'll face reflect this, as tactical races challenge you to find the best route from start to finish, and checkpoint races push you to follow an exacting line as closely as possible.
Mini Bone Collector.png
Since the invention of ragdoll physics, One player's "failure" is often another's fun, often those who slam face-first into boulders and land every trick upside-down will also be rewarded for their efforts. And if you get a bigger kick out of seeing your avatar tumble down a cliff than you do out of landing a successful stunt, then Bone Collector was created with you in mind. In this case, that means reckless, adrenaline-fueled actions, like careening down the mountain, falling huge distances, getting smashed up in creative ways, and racking up near-misses at high speeds without wiping out. The Bone Collector is about more than just courageous descents down the mountainside, and if you're serious about following the style, you'll want to seek out the black-label challenges scattered across the mountains. These go beyond high-risk activities, involving tasks like weaving through narrow openings in transmission towers using a wingsuit, or flopping downhill. This is a style for players motivated by curiosity and improvised stunts, who play games to test the limits, and who not only scoff at risk, but enjoy the fun in it. And if it's your primary style, it'll mark you as a true daredevil.
Mini Extreme Rider.png
For some riders, the real thrill of winter sports is in the pure adrenaline rush of danger, of taking risks and escaping harm at the last possible second. The Extreme Rider Play Style was designed with such in mind, players skimming along a Mountain's edge before flipping to safety. Those who exercise tight control in perilous conditions to come out not just in one piece, but on top. Dig flying down steep, rocky slopes and weaving through tightly packed obstacles? You're probably one of the Extreme Riders. Dangerous terrain is only part of the equation, though as this style also rewards those who use risky tactics, pulling off extreme moves takes careful timing and precision. If you've got what it takes to master the most dangerous terrain the mountains have to offer, to continually claim victory against seemingly impossible risks, then your distinction as an Extreme Rider will mark you to other players as a true expert of the slopes.
Mini Explorer.png
If you want to reach the most remote mountain locations and carve a unique and unforgettable line, then the Explorer Play Style is for you. If you'd like to take a step back from the hazardous terrain and crazy kick flips, and chill out watching the scenery then you're probably one of the Explorers. Maybe you're an achievement junkie and want to unlock every single Hot Spot on the Mountains, then the Binoculars are the easiest way to begin your exploration. Spot new Drop Zones and other Points Of Interest or try finding hard-to-reach and daring locations to start a wicked line that you can make a challenge of. If the binoculars aren’t enough, you’ll have to get closer. Walking is a fundamental part of exploration and will get you into new territory. Still, with elevations reaching over 15,000 feet above sea level, walking won’t be your only way to explore the Alps.
Mini Freerider.png
Lastly, the Freerider, a Play Style focused on carving the perfect path across the face of the mountain. In stark contrast with the stunt-focused Freestyler or race-running Pro Rider styles, a Freerider focuses on straightforward elegance. This is about smooth descents that flow naturally across ridges and other environmental features, and staying upright on your board or skis during long runs. If you're all about looking like a choreographed downhill professional and can't stand the idea of a sloppy run, get ready to pile on the Freerider points.

It's up to you to find your ideal line in Steep's immense, wide-open mountain ranges – or to go off the rails and earn rewards from any of the six play styles. With huge swaths of mountain territory to explore and leave your mark on, your perfect run is out there somewhere.

Understanding The Basics Of Steep[]

If you’re ready for the adventure of a steep lifetime, here are some tips on the basics to help you get started.

  • Drop Zones - Drop Zones are what drive exploration in Steep. Once found, they can unlock new areas which can then unlock new Hot Spots. If you're stuck trying to find them, keep and eye out for white stripes on the map, which means you're in the general area of a Drop Zone, but you haven't actually come close enough to unlock it. They'll show up on Mountain View once you've gotten somewhat close, so by looking at the map you can figure out where in the general area.
❱ If you see a notification pop up "New Drop Zone Detected" pull out to Mountain View, hit Left Mousebutton (the Middle Mouse Button) which will flag it, and then use one of the sports to get closer there or hit B which opens up your Binoculars if you're close to then unlock it!
  • Challenges - Take part in crazy Challenges to earn points, or share them with your friends via social media. Set up to prove that you’re the king or queen of the mountain by dropping into unique and spectacular challenges that put your skills to the test.
➜ Participate in specific challenges designed for each of the four Sports, such as Big Air, Proximity Flying, or Forest Slaloms.
➜ Compete with your friends and the community on any given challenge through the various Player Leaderboards.
➜ Play and explore throughout riding quests to find out about the mountain’s secrets and experience unique moments.

Use Binoculars to spot new locations.

  • Binoculars - The Binoculars can easily be a rider's best friend as they are one of the most handy tools on the slopes. Use them to unlock Drop Zones without riding to them, and also once you've unlocked everything they can be great way to spectate friends. You can see a ton of events and zones on the map looking through them, and can spawn nearly anywhere instantly. The perfect way to pick a fresh ride, like a Challenge or getting to the top of a Mountain without using Mountain View.
➥ The Binoculars are the easiest way begin your exploration. Spot new Drop Zones and other points of interest with your trusty binoculars. Try finding hard-to-reach and daring Challenges or Drop Zones to start a wicked line and challenge your friends to do the same. You can also zoom in to get a better look and plan your next move. If you’re close enough to a drop zone, you can unlock it just by looking at it. Once unlocked, you can start your next run from that location.
  • Mountain View - You can spawn at the top of Mountains. Hit M to get started. You can zoom in on a line that you just made, and it will let you 'Spawn Here' and ride from any part of it which can be pretty handy if you just missed a jump or collectible. Zoom in on a friend, and watch or select them. Drop flag markers, then riding these stay as Yellow columns of light, which can be convenient for tricky paths, or trying to unlock distant Drop Zones. Additionally more on sharing and competing with friends below.
  • Instant Reset - Using the Tab key (Triangle on PS4), can be used nearly anywhere, which will restart you back to the start of an event, or back to wherever you started the current line. If you're stuck somewhere, just press the instant reset and you'll have an instant live replay. Note that you'll begin a new line every time you change Sports, so either be careful, or use it to your advantage.
  • Trick System - Scores are an accumulation of Play Style points, via the takeoff, the trick, and the landing. The cleaner or better timed on each portion the better. For wingsuiting, you want to ride close to things to build "danger", to get high scores. For ski / snowboard, load jumps by holding the trigger before hitting it, then set rotation as you launch, then hold either trigger (or both) in the air for your hands to grab the board. You can tweak holds (right stick direction once a grab is held). and switch tricks mid-air for combos. For classic style slow rotation tricks, 180s and such, you want to hit your rotation a little late after launch. For guaranteed landings, let go of rotations early before you land, or flick the rotation stick.. it will do it for you (for less speed and points) and land it safely every time.

Keyboard Controls[]

Most of the Keyboard Controls are based on W, A, D and S, but additionally and or and are handy for doing tricks in Snowboarding and Skiing, more below or the full list of controls can be found Here.

Basic and Advanced Tips & Tricks[]

Simple starting advice, but really effective for new players. Holding forward puts you in the tilt or 'tuck' position, and it will 'squash' all of the jumps you go over, and limit your lateral control. Ease up once you're up to speed, and you will be able to move and do tricks more effectively and freely. Full tilt forward is great for bursts of acceleration or catching up with friends. (See the video on the right for starting and landing the perfect tricks)


There are three ways to score tricks in Steep:

➧ Freestyle: Doing jumps and tricks.
➧ Freeride: Navigating along a small or big crests and staying on them as long as possible to earn the maximum Freeride points.
➧ Extreme: Dodging or navigating close to trees, cliffs and obstacles.


Switching: Push and (Or [LS] + [RS] if using a controller) in opposite directions to switch between riding forward/backward (Ski) or to switch between goofy/regular stance (Snowboard).

Advanced Tricks:

➧ Snowboarding / Skiing: Use or ([RS] Up or Down) to perform a flip (with a snowboard) or a Lincoln loop (with skis).
➧ Snowboarding / Skiing: Use or ([RS] Left or Right) at any time while performing a trick to shift your body 90°, to add style to your trick, or to finish a risky rotation.
➧ Snowboarding / Skiing: The pressure you put on the [LS] when you perform a trick determines your speed of rotation. Push [LS] lightly to perform a classic 360° spin on a huge jump!
➧ Paragliding: Use [LS] to navigate, then push [RT] to tweak your turns or perform flips. Push [LT] to stabilize/brake and hold until you reach the ground to land safely.

Advanced Grabs:

➧ Use [RS] to choose the hand position on the board/skis before pushing [RT]/[LT] to grab.
➧ Once you grab your board/skis, you can tweak it by pushing [RS] in any direction.

Competing On Trails With Friends[]

  • Meeting Up With Friends - There's a button prompt over anyone you meet in the world (hitting the G key), if both of you use it, you will group up. If you pull up the Social Menu, and select a group member, you can spawn directly on them, or spectate them which is nice. Also, unless you use voice chat (by using the ` key), there's an emote system in the game designed for quick back-and-forth. On PS4 press [X] once for something positive and contextual. Double Tap the emote button for something harsh and scathing (T on PC). If you're riding an event together, you can bring up the Mountain View and look at the leaderboards, which will show you either Global or the best of your group.
  • As you ride down the mountain, your trail is automatically saved by the game, which allows you to do all sorts of things, like replay and share a video of your spectacular ride or create a challenge for your friends! While in Mountain View (Hit M), use the key to display all your trails from the day to select them, watch a replay, or spawn on them by pressing Right Mousebutton. You can replay a trail by putting your cursor on the exact point on the trail where you want to start your replay, then press Right Mousebutton to open the Actions list. Then select Replay from here to start the replay from your cursor’s position. To share a trail, simply select the trail you’d like to share with your friends and press Right Mousebutton to open the Actions list. Then select Share to send the trail to your friends. Note that you can only send one trail at a time, but if you wish you can change which one you share whenever you want.

Advanced Steep Techniques[]